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Massachusetts, US


Doubletakes Mighty Joe

Doubletakes Mighty Joe

NBA CH, Doubletakes H2 "aka" Hefty, CGC

Doubletakes Naughty Boy Triton

Past Male Dog - Multi CH DoubleTake's Prince Rocco

Rocco was our first bulldogge, he was the one that made us fall for this breed. Rocco in our opinion is flawless, he is put together extremely well and balanced.  Rocco has the temperament that everyone would want in an olde he is protective and loyal to his family he gets along well with all animals and is absolutely wonderful with people and children. His personality is like none we’ve ever seen.  Rocco was just perfect in our eyes! Rocco will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Always Loved, and Never Forgotten.

J&J's DoubleTake Bulldogges is an Olde English Bulldogge Breeder in Massachusetts. Producing healthy, well-bred puppies with stable family temperaments. Puppies are Now Available For Sale! Contact Us Today


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